Sunday, August 9, 2009

Has this ever happened to anyone???

So I just moved. Yes thats right to Missouri. I honestly wasn't even sure how to spell Missouri before I moved here...2 R's...5 S' could have gone many ways. I am on this whole fresh start, new life, figuring out priorities thing..naturally. Earlier this week, I headed up to my new school, Missouri State University, ready to look around, get my parking pass, and get my school I.D. made! I had thought this process through.

You see, I have a unfortunate history of bad I.D. pictures...I don't feel like I am a completely unphotogenic person but every I.D. in my wallet would prove differently. Rough. What a better way to start out my new persona than with a great school I.D.!!! With this in mind, I decided to put on something other than my usual Kappa t-shirt, put on make-up, the whole 9 yards. I wasn't having the best hair day, new side bangs weren't working with me, but no problem there...hello headband! Pushed the bangs back and lookin' good!

After circling campus twice in my car "June Bug" I finally saw some parking meters that looked safe to park by. It was super hot outside and I was soon regretting my decision to wear jeans. I passed a guy on the street and he pointed me in the direction of the union...unfortunately it was REALLY far away! By the time I got there I was sweaty...not the glistening sweat. Wet, know the gross kind. I got into the building, thanked God for air conditioning, dabbed on a little gloss for my pic and made my way to the I.d. office. Once I found the right office, I had cooled down. I fluffed the hair a bit, and was ready for victory. I talked to the lady for a minute before she showed me to the camera screen. Standing there, smiling, ready to take on the world...she said the words I dreaded most at that was almost in slow motion. "PLEASE REMOVE THE HEADBAND...." It was all over. I said okay politely, slipping off my "hero" of the morning. Bangs everywhere. And I have the picture to prove it.


  1. you go girl! nothing can stop you when you're focused and working a plan. work the plan!!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see the picture...

  3. Mel we need another post!
    Love and miss you!